Many Called Me But I Choose 911 House Buyers Because They Cared The Most…

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Mike – Hi, my name is Mike and I contacted and sold my house through 911 house buyers. We contacted a lot of people and sat down with 911 homes and other people as well and found that they showed the most interest in us and wanted to give all their time to us.

Everybody else was just like “in and out”, like they just wanted to take over the house and that’s it.

So I don’t know, it’s a big weight off our shoulders. They helped us and now we are feeling happy and we are 100% sure we made the right choice going through 911 homes.

Interviewer – Would you recommend them?

Mike – I would recommend them to anybody. It’s the best thing that happened to us right now.

Interviewer  – So, how does it feel now that everything is over?

Mike – It feels good, like a big weight off our shoulders, it’s good now. We’re are glad we went through you guys

Mike – Edmonton AB

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