Julie Is Happy She Sold Her House To 911HouseBuyers So She Can Quickly Move To BC


“Hi, I’m Julie and I sold my house through 911housebuyers and it was fantastic.

I moved here 7 years ago because my daughter was going to Afghanistan and I bought a home at that time and my family has since relocated back to Victoria and I wanted to be near my family again, so I wanted to put my house up for sale and it turned out to be a bit of a quiet market right now I didn’t feel like I had the luxury of time to wait.

My son is going back to school, my daughter is getting married and I wanted to be able to move, definitely move before winter, so I was looking around for options and I found 911 House buyers and it was really fast and I absolutely adore Maribel.

“Open in Victoria and I’ll work for ya” and honest to God it was the smoothest and easiest thing I could have asked for and for that I’m sincerely grateful and in almost a weeks time I’m going to see my kid’s, back home.
Victor~Would you recommend 911 House buyers to other people that’s looking to sell their houses?
Julie~Absolutely, absolutely. It was just so easy and you don’t have to deal with open houses and people tromping through your house and everything and I thought everything was actually just fantastic and respectful and it was awesome, excellent experience”

Julie – Edmonton AB

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