After 6 Months Trying To Sell His House, Robert Feels A Big Weight Off His Shoulders

Robert- Hello, my name is Robert D and we went with 911 house buyers and very, very pleased with the results. We were very happy with the way things were handled. We went with Maribel, she is very pleasant and nice and it was a great experience to work with these people.

Interviewer – How does it feel that your house is sold now?

Robert- It’s nice, very nice. It’s a big weight off our shoulders not to have two mortgages and so it’s nice and it worked out this way for us

Interviewer – How long did you try to sell your house for?

Robert- We had it on the market for maybe 6 months and we just didn’t seem to be getting any bites on it at the time. Maybe it’s the way the market was at that time but we weren’t getting any bites on it. So when 911 house buyers came along this worked out super for us.

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