911HouseBuyers Helped Juliah Through Her Divorce Crisis Buying Her House


After trying to sell her house for 5 months and having the stress of a divorce, Juliah is now relieved that she sold her house to 911HouseBuyers. She is now a “happy camper” in her bigger home.

Because nobody like 911HouseBuyers.ca would do as much to help you solve your real estate nightmares.

“Hi my name is Juila. 911 House Buyers actually became 911 because they saved us while in crisis of going through divorce and what was holding us was this house and they came to buy the house. They saved me from cleaning and doing everything.

It had been on the market for five months and it wasn’t going but when they came we were able to go through it and we finalized. And finally I have a better and beautiful because of these guys.

Bigger than this, I like this one before but I now like where I am. so thank you so much 911 it can save everyone that goes through a crisis. Thank you so much and be blessed.”

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