Are You A Home Owner Who NEEDS To Sell Your House Due To A Divorce, Relocation, Foreclosure Or Any Other Difficult Situation And You Are Stuck And Feeling Desperate?

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Are You In A Position Where You Need To Sell Your House Fast And Waiting 90 Days To Research The Market, Find A Realtor, List The House And Wait For The House To Sell Is Not An Option…
You Just Need To Find A Solution To Sell Your House Immediately…

Do you feel like as each day passes you have a bigger weight hanging on your shoulders and you are stuck with a house that you don’t feel you can sell?

You feel limited and frustrated because you can’t negotiate prices since you just need to get rid of your house.

We Are The Solution To Your Problem
We Are House Buyers In Edmonton
And We Can Help

We have been there, we know what it is like and we know how to solve your problem and help you sell your house fast to move on with your life.

This information is for people who absolutely NEED to sell a House in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas.

If you absolutely have to sell your house right now at a Fair Price, with NO Hassles, and NO Commissions then you are in the right place.

Read down below, this information is for you if:

  • You are in the middle of a difficult divorce and feel lost with so many things to deal at the same time and on top of that you have to sell your house because you cannot afford the payments or you are forced to sell as part of the divorce settlement.
  • You are up against the wall and need immediate debt relief!
  • Your house is 100% financed or underwater and you feel paralyzed as you seem to find no options.
  • You feel you cannot sell your house because now you are stuck with even more debt than what you began with in the first place.
  • You feel overwhelmed because you don’t understand the real estate market: how Realtor commission’s work and all the hidden expenses involved in selling a house.
  • You feel powerless as you have no equity at all to pay a Realtor and cover all the expensive costs involved with the sale.
  • You feel frustrated as you have listed your house and the listing has expired after a long wait with no hope for a sale yet.
  • Your house is in need of major repairs and you feel anxious as you have no money or no time to complete them.
  • You have been relocated, you had to pack your life to move fast, find a new home, look for schools, etc.  and on top of that forced to sell your current house feeling stuck while you have to pay the mortgage for an empty house.
  • You are facing difficult times and your mortgage payments are behind. You feel desperate as you receive letters from lawyers demanding immediate payment or threaten you to file for foreclosure. You know a foreclosure will drastically damage your credit but you have no way to pay them right now and stop foreclosure.
  • You have rental property that has just been a big headache: either because of terrible tenants or because it has an endless list of repairs that are eating your finances: a true money pit.
  • You have already bought a new house, but you feel alarmed as you can’t sell the old one and now you are stuck paying mortgages on two houses.
  • Your life just had a turn and you are behind on payments, feeling embarrassed as you may have to file for bankruptcy not finding any other alternative.
  • You lost a loved one and now in the middle of your grief you are forced to deal with the liquidation of his/her estate.
  • You are losing sleep as you find out the astronomical mortgage payout penalties you have to pay if you sell your house now and you feel distressed as you have no equity in the house to afford them.
  • You are struggling financially as you are being forced to pay a mortgage on a vacant house.
  • Or maybe you just want to sell your house without a realtor to avoid paying expensive commissions and stay away from inconvenient showings while the house is listed.

If any of these circumstances looks familiar, we can help you, because we understand exactly how stressful and difficult it is going through any of these situations.

We specialize in helping people in situations like these to sell their houses immediately.

We Have A Solution For You!

By now you may be wonder: “Why should I deal with you?”

Here you have some reasons:

  • We are NOT Realtors, just a local business in the Edmonton Community helping people buying their houses and allowing them to move on with their lives.
  • Because we are NOT Realtors,  you don’t have to pay any commissions.
  • We are CASH buyers, and this give us the flexibility to close quickly, if this is what you require (some times within 24 to 48 hours) or take the time you need (we have waited up to a year sometimes).
  • This means that you choose the date to close and date to move.
  • We live in this community. We have been in business in the Edmonton area for over 10 years.
  • We are proud A+ members of the Edmonton Better Business Bureau.
  • In most cases we can provide you with a cash advance before closing to help with moving expenses like moving truck, first month’s rent, utilities, and damage deposit
  • We treat our clients with respect, empathy and compassion. We don’t judge you or your situation…
  • And most important: we honor our word! We do what we say we are going to do and we do keep our promises!

If you still have doubts check our Testimonials and see by yourself what other people “just like you” has to say about selling their house to 911 house buyers.

To find out how we can help, sign up NOW on the right side for our FREE Consultation. We won’t waste your time, we know your time is precious and we are not here to waste it.

We are not here either to sell you any expensive product or to ask you to list your house with us. Remember: We are NOT Realtors.

We are 100% committed to help you sell your home.

We specifically work with those of you who are stuck, have no options and feel completely desperate about selling your house.

We are the people who can buy it from you and can take care of that.

If you are interested in selling your house quickly, without doing any repair, on the date of your choice, at a fair price, with no hassles, and no commissions then Sign Up NOW for our FREE Consultation.

In this FREE CONSULTATION you will get:

  • A FREE Market Assessment of your house
  • A Realistic Analysis of the costs of selling your house
  • Our honest feedback of what your options are
  • You will find out immediately whether we can or can’t buy your house right away
  • If we are able to buy your house you will get a written offer within 24 hours.

You Can Also Call Us RIGHT NOW!

To your success moving on towards a new life!

911 House Buyers.

FREE Consultation On How You Can Sell Your House On the Date Of Your Choice With Out Doing Any Repair

We are proud A+ members of the Better Business Bureau

Who Else Wants To Put Cash In Their Pocket After Selling
Their House Fast?

Check what our past clients have to say about selling their houses to 911 House Buyers:


"It was just so easy and you don’t have to deal with open houses and people tromping through your house... everything was actually just fantastic and respectful... it was awesome, an excellent experience...”

Julie - Edmonton AB

Over-leveraged House

My husband and I have sold our home to 911 House Buyers and the experience has been absolutely pleasurable, above and beyond.

They assisted with anything and everything we needed to have this transaction finalized and took care of all our needs...

I highly recommend them to anybody who is selling his house...

Debbie – Sherwood Park AB

High Payout Penalties

I just sold my home to 911 House Buyers and everything went really well.

The paperwork was very organized. I didn’t encounter any problems.

I was able to take my paperwork home for the weekend and have them checked by my lawyer. Everything turned out to be ok.

If anyone wants to go ahead with 911 House Buyers by all means I recommend them.

Richard – Edmonton AB


I dealt with 911 House Buyers and they have been great and so easy to work with.

They provided us with all the information that we needed. We are so happy to have sold our home after we were stuck with it for a while.

We just didn’t know what to do with it and they just offered a solution and it has worked out perfectly for us. We would recommend them to anybody”

Eunice – Edmonton AB


911 House Buyers became our 911 because they saved us from the crisis of going through a divorce...

Our house was on the market for 5 or 6 months and it wasn’t going but when they came and went through it and finalized it...

I have a bigger and better house... Thank you so much 911, they save people when they are going through a crisis...

Julia – Edmonton AB

Over-leveraged Property

I was really in a tough problem because I was not able to sell my condo and 911 House Buyers really helped me.

They came in as a savior.

They are a BBB accredited business...

I recommend anyone who has any kind of problem with the selling of their property, they can really go to these guys and they have so many creative ideas and they would be very helpful to you.

Trust me, my case was very difficult... and these guys really helped.

Tarun – Edmonton AB

Expired Listing

We had the house on the market for maybe 6 months and we just didn’t seem to be getting any bites on it at the time. Maybe it’s the way the market was at that time but we weren’t getting any bites on it. So when 911 House Buyers came along this worked out super for us

Robert – Edmonton AB

High Payout Penalties

"It’s a big weight off our shoulders. They helped us and now we are feeling happy and we are 100% sure we made the right choice going through 911 House Buyers"

Mike – Edmonton AB

See More Testimonials